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ArtsGoupie are advocates and creators of social artistry. We recognise the potency of the arts to promote wellbeing in communities, which has been proven to enhance people’s physical and mental health. People involved in creativity experience less depression and anxiety, as well as improved memory and reasoning. The arts can give a community a sense of identity, and has the ability to change minds through stories that affect us emotionally.

We know how important the arts are in bettering lives and bringing people together, which is why access to the arts is so paramount. Everything we do is done with purpose to promote activism on social issues and conflicts, to give people a voice, to bring to light valuable stories and perspectives , and to support a shift in consensus towards societal equality, and equity.

See our events below to learn more about how ArtsGroupie has been achieving these aims.

The Weave Project 2019

WEAVE explored the invasive power of social media and technology on our lives, as well as its effects on our wellbeing.

As a part of the project, we also conducted a small study on the impact of social platforms on personal wellbeing. We compiled the results into a final project report.