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Channel 5 – Great British Cities – Liverpool (with ArtsGroupie’s John Maguire)

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John Maguire brings Kitty Wilkinson's story to national TV

Liverpool is the pool of life. Wow, the majesty of our city landscape, the resilience and attitude of our communities, all demonstrated on last nights GREAT BRITISH CITIES.

Thank you Susan Calman, Channel Five and Daisybeck Studios for a fine piece of television

If you missed it - catch it online

Daisybeck Studios who produced the program featured a clip of John talking to Susan Calman on their social media - there's a great clip with our John explaining why Kitty is so revered to this day - and then in fits over Susan's anodyne response when she learns how Kitty was rewarded for her epic heroism in the "King Cholera" pandemic of 1832.

They wrote:

Brews at the ready! ☕ Susan meets expert John Maguire who reveals the incredible story of life saving Kitty Wilkinson - Liverpool’s ‘Saint of the Slums’ - and a pioneer of modern hygiene.
Tune into our all-new series of 'Great British Cities with Susan Calman' this coming Friday 8th March at 9pm on Channel 5.

See the clip here

Have teapot, cope with anything...

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