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ArtsGroupie is dedicated to promoting and providing arts-based education to our communities. As part of this aim we are offering bespoke Creative Writing workshops going at people’s own pace and ability, and can be delivered in person (when allowed), or online (via Zoom).

ArtsGroupie has previously worked with Hugh Baird College delivering Creative Writing and Spoken Word workshops to students with ADHD, and autistic spectrum disorders and were tailored accordingly to the needs of the students. We have also delivered workshops in community hubs with beginner level members of the community who had never previously written before.

Whether you are just starting out, already in a group, or an established writer looking to learn more, we will cater to your needs.

Workshops are often delivered once a week over a number of weeks, this can be negotiated.

– Though we can work with groups of mixed level ability, it is recommended that members of groups be of similar writing ability and levels.

– Workshops are often delivered once a week over a number of weeks, though this can be negotiated.

As well as Creative Writing workshops, ArtsGroupie can offer one-time presentations on a range of creative practices. We have previously delivered presentations at Liverpool John Moores University, and University of Wales.

Our presentations and workshops include:

Managing a Freelance Career in the Arts
Managing a Creative Project
Arts Funding: Helpful Tips
Performance as Research and Development
Heritage in Creative Practice
Socially Conscious Art

Contact us for more details on our creative workshops and presentations, and pricing or use the form below to set the ball rolling.

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